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Participate in Community

The Ways We Engage

Systemic constraints, such as the availability of disability support, can make community engagement difficult for people with disabilities. With all of this in mind, we at PassionateCareSolutions provide tailored support to help participants achieve their objectives in a community, social, or recreational setting. We provide social and community assistance based on the needs, interests, and personal goals of the participants, ensuring that their social, educational, recreational, and economic demands are addressed. We maintain a current understanding of new developments in activity programming. The participants will be able to use social media, computers, mail, and skype with family and friends.

Our assistance services include the following:

Having a cup of tea with friends and a chat.

Schedule appointments, go shopping and do your banking.

Accompany activities that are recreational, social, or instructive.

Make a fun activity list.

Assist with therapeutic rehabilitation activities for clients.

Encourage participants to participate fully in social and family meals.


Participation with Accessed Community

PCS connects people with disabilities to the community and encourages them to participate in social activities. Because we believe that social connection and community engagement are important aspects of daily life, we provide a variety of group activities, community outreach activities, and one-on-one community access for people with disabilities. Each program is tailored to help persons with challenges like physical, sensory, and intellectual feel connected to their community while also having a good time. Disability should not prevent someone from participating in their community because social interaction and community participation are such important aspects of life.