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Daily Task /Shared Living

Shared Accommodations and supervision

This involves temporary or continuous assistance with and/or supervision of daily living chores in a shared living surroundings, with a goal on building each individual’s ability to live as independently as possible. Tasks including Bathing, grooming, and oral hygiene, even meal preparation and feeding are assisted. Our supportive help would include many elements of your daily life and promote your independence in a person-centered approach, regardless of whether you live in group homes, independent, or shared living arrangements. We treat your private matters and personal information with pride and regard. Our supports include

Assist with cleaning and toileting

Bathing, grooming, and oral hygiene

Assist with medication as directed by the doctor

Assist with the dressing

Assist with meal preparation and feeding

Assist, monitor, or initiate personal health care when necessary

Assist and monitor various personal care plans

Assist with all housekeeping tasks


Supported Independent Living

This program includes temporary or continuous assistance with and/or supervision of daily living duties in a shared living environment, with an emphasis on strengthening each individual’s ability to live independently. This help package also includes short-term lodging and assistance. We understand that living alone can seem unattainable at times, but it is achievable with our help. Our knowledgeable team will assist you in every way possible, from teaching you how to live with people to ensuring that you can fulfill your responsibilities at home.