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Household Task

Assistance With Domestic Chores

Assistance with the costs of food preparation and delivery, linen service, house and/or yard maintenance, cleaning, and other household tasks. Our consistent assistance would encompass many aspects of the members’ routine daily life as well as independence support in an individual-focused manner. We treat the privacy and personal information of participants with dignity and respect. Essential household tasks that NDIS members are unable to accomplish on their own are assisted. We are a certified NDIS provider for household Tasks. We help participants in a variety of tasks in creating and maintaining a healthy, safe, and enjoyable environment.

The following are some of our resources:

Cleaning, Cooking, and Dishwashing

Ironing, Laundry, and Making the bed

Collection of bins

Vacuuming and sweeping the floors

Various household chores, etc


Specialized care for your loved one

Many people believe that when an elderly person’s needs reach a particular level, their alternatives for care are confined to a care facility. Adult children may believe that, despite her wishes, Mom will eventually have to transfer to a nursing home or memory care facility. We can provide the necessary one-on-one care for clients and other care needs such as the specialized care required by someone suffering from serious conditions.