Implementation of Restrictive Practices (Module 2A)

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Implementation of Restrictive Practices (Module 2A)

Services based on Strict NDIS Pattern

Any practice that restricts a person with a disability’s freedom of movement or rights is a Regulated Restrictive Practice. It has a specific goal of those interventions and techniques being to protect the individual or others from harm. We are committed to reducing or eliminating restrictive practices, and we use the least restrictive techniques possible with the goal of fading them out as soon as possible.

We can develop protocols for a Regulated Restrictive Practice whenever they have been engaged with building an extensive Behaviour Support Plan and just when it is viewed as important to guarantee the individual can be supported securely. Each Implementing Provider must also monitor and report on all users as required by keeping track of all usage and reporting on it as needed.

Strategies that are person-centered, outcome-oriented, and proactive.

Strategies that address the specific needs of the participant as well as the functions of the problematic behaviour.

Over time, develop strategies to lessen or eliminate the usage of restrictive behaviours.

Complexity aids in coordination

Locate a suitable support provider


Special Protocols for Restrictive Practice

Participants will receive assistance in putting their plan into action by improving their connecting ability with larger support systems, grasping the purpose of the provided services, and performing community participation. The participant will be assisted by the connection of support to comprehend the plan’s components, aid with ongoing support management, and answer questions as they occur.