High-Intensity Daily Personal Activities (Module 1)

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High-Intensity Daily Personal Activities
(Module 1)

High-Skilled staff for High-Intensity Activities

A participant’s condition may necessitate the skills and experience of a specialized professional in specific situations. These High Intensity Daily Personal Activities can be assisted by PassionateCareSolutions. These services are divided into different levels based on the needs of the participants and the qualifications of the staff. Our skilled support staff and registered nurse are experienced in assisting people with special health needs. We are dedicated to offering a high level of care to persons who require high-intensity daily personal activities to meet their healthcare demands. Personal health care is assisted, monitored, or initiated as needed and we assist with Incidental household assistance.
Some intensified daily services include:

Dressing, Assisting with toileting and cleaning.

Assist in showering, bathing, grooming, oral hygiene

Assist with medication administration as directed.

Keep a spotless climate by washing clothes.

Food preparation assistance includes feeding and grocery buying.

Taking you to your doctor's visit

Personal health care is assisted, monitored, or initiated as needed.

Examine various personal care plans.

Assist with Incidental household assistance

Changes in client status should be reported promptly.


Discussing your NDIS needs

Passionate Care Solutions can help you manage and supervise your NDIS high-intensity daily personal activities. Assistance with your daily duties is provided so that you can live independently. Our compassionate and trained personnel provide assistance to ensure that you can achieve and manage your daily routine. We deliver these services normally in the comfort of your own home, but you can also get these in the community. We recognize that everyone’s demands and requirements are unique, thus we personalize support of our daily personal activity to each of our clients. We’re here for you, whether you need short-term or long-term assistance or care.