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Assist Life Stage, Transition

Support of Coordination

We recognize that all people deserve assistance as they go through emotional, physical, vocational, social, developmental, or educational transitions. Individuals and their families receive the support coordination to plan and prepare for these changes, which includes the identification of potential hurdles or chances for success. The assistance includes both short- and long-term assistance including tenancy duties and housing aimed at improving the participant’s ability to coordinate their supports and assisting them to be at home and also to have a community participation. Support will be provided in the following ways

Assisting management or coordination of the life stages

Assisting with life transitions

Planning for your life/transition

Complexity aids in coordination

Locate a suitable support provider


Connection of Support

Participants will receive assistance in putting their plan into action by improving their connecting ability with larger support systems, grasping the purpose of the provided services, and performing community participation. The participant will be assisted by the connection of support to comprehend the plan’s components, aid with ongoing support management, and answer questions as they occur.